Jerry Wood, owner of Zen & Chaos Studios, LLC, is a dreamer. A local Vermonter with a passion for writing, photography, and filmmaking. Jerry says, “The goal was to start writing, directing, and producing my own works. Taking inspiration from God, people, events, and every day life, I mold it into creative projects. I have been known for looking at life through a lens. My goal in photography is to show people what I see. In writing, what I imagine. In filmmaking, what I feel.“

The short film "Where is She?" is in post-production. Now we're focusing on editing, scoring, and marketing.  Stay tuned for the trailer and where to see the film!

It wouldn't be right to not Spotlight the man whom inspired me to think differently about networking.  Erik Qualman was one of the speakers at the Procore Ground Break Conference that I went to in March 2017 in Austin, TX. Although the presenters and sessions were geared toward the field of construction, I found Erik's advice had a broader reach and could be applied to any field...

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