Jerry Wood, owner of Zen & Chaos Studios, LLC, is a dreamer. A local Vermonter with a passion for writing, photography, and filmmaking. Jerry says, “The goal was to start writing, directing, and producing my own works. Taking inspiration from God, people, events, and every day life, I mold it into creative projects. I have been known for looking at life through a lens. My goal in photography is to show people what I see. In writing, what I imagine. In filmmaking, what I feel.“

The short film "Where is She?" is in Pre-Production. We've just about finished building the set.  Next up, we'll be doing the set dressing, casting for actors & crew, and do a bit of rehearsal.  For additional information on this production click more.

R. W. Martin is our first spotlight. He has pretty much been there since the inception of Zen and Chaos Studios. He has helped me build the studio and build the set for "Where is She?". He has been there to help in any way he can on set. And most importantly, introduced me to my wife!

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