Zen & Chaos Studios, LLC has been working on short film and feature length scripts for the last decade. The current script being produced under the Zen & Chaos Studios' brand is the short film titled “Where is She?”. Jerry remembers the first time he was introduced to creative writing when his fourth grade teacher, Kim Broughton, put pictures up on the chalk board and told the class to write a story based on one of them. He remembers feeling inspired for the first time! Putting pencil to paper, he found that he had a passion for writing, spending many of the following years writing short stories. Later, in high school, Jerry began to explore poetry and prose, expanding his literary style and breadth. Through various projects, both in school and on his own, Jerry found a true passion for storytelling and creation. That passion still exists today as he continues to develop unique characters, stories, and details in his original scripts. He is looking forward to directing and producing, and ultimately, sharing with the world.

Where is She? is the short film script that i'm currently re-writing to ready for filming in the Summer of 2017.  I was originally going to film it as a Dark Comedy, but now I'm leaning toward Horror/Thriller. Guess, you'll just have to wait and see how it comes out...


"Jeff and Mary vacation with a little girl in an oddly decorated rustic cabin. The strange wall hangings, antiques, and minimalist living accommodations aren't the strangest things they have to deal with.  Unable to leave, they try to make the best of it; but Mary's selfishness exasperates their situation."


The attached document is only one scene from the film.  It will be used for auditions. If you have any interest in auditioning, please memorize your lines before the audition and use our Cast Form or contact us directly at info@zacstudios.com. We will be announcing audition dates on the Where is She? page.

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