I've loved writing ever since the 4th grade when the teacher put some pictures up on the chalkboard and told the class "Pick one and write a story about it."  Over the years, I have started writing many stories and story ideas.  Probably more than I will ever complete.  My more recent love of filmmaking has changed my story writing hobby to screenwriting.  That has made writing even more challenging, because now I want to produce and direct the things I write.   Like any writer, I would love to see my vision on the big screen.  I plan to use this page to exhibit some of my writing.

The Great Giraffe Experience

This is an inspired and slightly modified version of a short story that I wrote for a dear friend that was going through a rough time in her life.  It was a fun bit of writing that has a few inside jokes that I don't believe detract from the story.  At the time of the writing, I didn't know that giraffes were her favorite animal.  That was a pleasant surprise to hear.  I hope you enjoy this little bit of writing.