TRACY LORD (no, not that one)


Tracy has been playing guitar for over 40 years.  He has recorded & produced numerous albums for many local bands as well as several of his own bands.  He owned Northern Lites and Sound Studios for over 12 years and is the current owner of MIDIMate Studios in Colchester, Vermont.


Tracy plays with:


The Keeghan Nolan Band - country/country rock

The Jericho Road Crew - Gospel music

Yankee Pot Roast - Raggae/ska/jam band

Killin' Time - Country/country rock

His Majesty - progressive rock



Where is She?- 2007



I have known Tracy for a number of years.  We first met in a volleyball league. When I first started out in filmmaking, I reached out to Tracy to help me record the song that my cousin's band Aliza's Mizery performed, written by J.P. Gange, for the use in my first short film. Tracy had said that he would love to score a movie some day.  I felt that this was a perfect opportunity for us to work together on a project.



Town, State: Colchester, VT



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