Jerry Wood, owner of Zen & Chaos Studios, LLC, is a dreamer. A local Vermonter with a passion for writing, photography, and filmmaking. Jerry says, “The goal was to start writing, directing, and producing my own works. Taking inspiration from God, people, events, and every day life, I mold it into creative projects. I have been known for looking at life through a lens. My goal in photography is to show people what I see. In writing, what I imagine. In filmmaking, what I feel.“

The short film "Where is She?" finished touring the festival circuit. We've won 3 Awards! Honorable Mention: Horror at Festigious Film Festival, Award of Excellence and Best Music at Global Shorts Film Festival. And now we've picked up Distribution!

Zen and Chaos Spotlight is a video pod-cast that I will be starting soon where I will interview people who have inspired me.


Erik Qualman inspired me to think differently about networking. He was one of the speakers at the Procore Ground Break Conference that I went to in March 2017 in Austin, TX.

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