Zen & Chaos Studios, LLC has been working in the industry for over a decade – from feature length films to music and commercial videos, we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with many notable and talented people, including Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, The Jennifer Hartswick Band, and The Hokum Bros. just to name a few. We have also provided our services for video interviews, weddings, instructional videos, and other special projects.


Jerry Wood, owner, says, "I long for the creativity found in filmmaking. Whether I’m writing, directing, or producing, I get to work with other like-minded people to build something that didn't exist before. Creating worlds, breathing life into characters, setting the mood through set design, and crafting a story in the editing room. I get to provide a place for cast and crew to collaborate and help express themselves through their particular talents. Hopefully, creating a world that captures the attention of our audience.”

This film is filled with a bunch of firsts for me. It will be the first production that I have (solely) written a script for, produced and directed after building the set in my studio.  It was also the first project I ever scored. We won 3 awards Honorable Mention: Horror, Best Music, Award of Excellence.


This film is currently now available to watch on Vimeo and coming soon on Amazon Prime!  It is also available for purchase on Blu-Ray and DVD.


I scheduled a couple of test screening with the cast, crew, and some guests. It was received exceptionally well with little constructive criticisms.


Jay, a fellow filmmaker, has finished filming the interviews with cast & crew and they are now a part of the special features on the disks.


Engelberth Construction, Inc. also asked me to help them film a video that they could show at the the 2014 Governor's Council on Health and Wellness Seminar.  This interview style video would showcase the healthy choices that people from all over the community made.  Interviews from Central Vermont Medical Center, Champlain College, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Merchants Bank, Northfield Savings Bank, Northwestern Medical Center, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Vermont Works for Women, as well as Engelberth Construction, were all pieced together for the cause.  Some really touching and inspiring stories were told.

I attended a Battle of the Bands at Higher Ground that my cousin was playing in and started talking to the marketing director for the show.  When she found out what I did, she asked if I would like to do something with the winners as part of their prize.  I suggested we film a music video of a song of their choosing.  She jumped all over the idea.


The winning band United Mess chose their song "Doorstep" and we made the following video.  What ensued, is one of the more memorable projects I have worked on.  It was a fun filled summer of laughter and filmmaking.


Photo Credit: R.W. Martin.

I've been filming The Moth StorySLAMs since February 2015.  The show has frequented The Skinny Pancake, made appearances at New Moon Cafe, and is currently being hosted at ArtsRiot in Burlington, VT. Members of the audience volunteer to get selected at random to tell a story based on the "theme" of the night.  Fellow audience members take on the grueling task of judging these strange, adventurous, but usually humorous tales of life, love, and folly.


Due to contractual restrictions, I am unable to post full videos.

I had the opportunity to work with Author and Storyteller Bill Torrey on the creation of his audiobook.  I'd enjoyed many of Bill's stories at The Moth StorySLAM, but had never really spoken to him.  He approached me during the one of the intermissions of the show and asked if I would help him create an audio book.  I jumped at the chance. I mean, how often do you get the opportunity to have an author read you stories from his book in a private session!


I setup an audio recording environment in a quiet room and invited Bill over for a couple of sessions where he could read from his book.  It took us about 5 hours to complete the recordings and I spent a few more hours mastering the clips so that he could use them to create the audio book that he would be selling.  I really enjoyed working with Bill and wish him good luck in his endeavors.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to work with a coworker on a PSA type video urging people to be responsible when snowmobiling on the trails.  The story is told interview style by the people that witnessed this unfortunate accident.  The story unfolds as you would expect, a normal day, with outdoor activities, then in an instant.... everything changed.  This story and it's underlying message is an important one and really can apply to anything in life.  It's not restricted to snowmobiling only.  It holds true for driving, riding your motorcycle, flying a plane,...  Being responsible carries it's weight in gold when you have loved ones waiting for you at home.


A huge thank you to Craig Stender for helping me fix an audio issue.  Photo Credit: Kathy Wood.


The VAST organization has also recently uploaded this video to their website at  It has received over 1600 views!


"Very well done. Rick is to be commended for telling the story.  It's a reminder we all need to take to hear and share, share, share." 
         ~~ Dave


"After sitting through Rick's presentation to the governor's snowmobile Advisory Council, I am glad to see Rick's presentation come to fruition.  This is a terribly tragic accident that happened to one of our fellow snowmobile enthusiasts in our home state.  For myself I couldn't get his story out of my head for days, which made me realize if it had that much of an impact on me, a lot of benefits could come from sharing this story.  I think the video came out extremely well, including telling the story from each person's perspective, it really hits home with me.  I am truly sorry for Rick and his family for the loss they sustained, it definitely puts things in perspective."

         ~~ Tim Mills


"Thank you for taking on what I am sure was a very difficult project.  I cannot even begin to imagine the range of emotions you experienced that day and throughout the process of putting the video together.  My hope is, as is yours, that at least one life will be saved after someone sees the video.  I know I will ride with a littler more caution in the future an I'm sure many others will as well."

         ~~ Jeff Fay

              Chittenden County Director

Engelberth Construction, Inc. asked me to film a wellness video that they could use to promote stretching and wellness, on their job sites.  The stories would, amazingly enough, prove to encourage the Engelberth crew to be more active and healthy.  The main reason being, that the stories came from their own peers!


This project took me to different field offices where I filmed superintendents, site workers, foreman, and crew telling their personal success stories.  We even filmed them stretching.


Special thanks to R.W. Martin for his help on these shoots.

For a few years, during their early start, I had the great pleasure of filming the Vermont concerts for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  They played at UVM, Club Metronome, the Waterfront, and Higher Ground.  It was an immense thrill every time I got a call from the drummer Matthew Burr or "Cado" as everyone called him, asking me if I was available to film their shows.  I mean, it's not often that you get an opportunity to film a famous band from your home state!  At one concert, they played a song called "Over Again" that just radiated talent from the stage.  I was lucky enough to be there with two cameras.  With their approval, I edited together this music video.


Estimated Release: SOON


I had another amazing opportunity to play a background actor in a VT made film called Soulmate(s). The script was written by Alexandra Case and Stephanie Lynn; two of the film's lead actors and native Vermonters. The director Tim Armstrong was great to work with and he manged to give me quite a bit of screen time!  I learned a lot from Bill the DP who is clearly very good at his job. Even ran into an old friend Dan Mazur who was recording sound.


I was originally only supposed to be working two days of the shoot, at the Community Kitchen and the Corn Maze. Kevin, one of the casting agents from Velocity Media Company, mentioned that he might need me for a third day for the Town Hall and Wedding\Reception scene. This turned out to be very good for me. In the Town Hall scene, Tim asked me to stand in the front of the room behind the main actors as I was dressed like a farmer. Since I was established as a farmer, I was asked to come back for two more scenes; a Farm and then at City Hall where I was selling my farm begrudgingly. The City Hall scene put me right in the mix rubbing elbows with Alexandra, Rick, and Barbara! Although a background actor, you'll see me sprinkled throughout the film.  Can't wait to see the film!

Premiered on Showtime - Novemver 18, 2018 - Golden Globe nominated!


I had the amazing opportunity to play a C.E.R.T. (Correctional Emergency Response Team) background actor in the Escape at Dannemora mini-series directed by Ben Stiller and Produced by Showtime. Although I worked under the direction of 2nd Unit Director Phil Neilson, I did get to see Ben Stiller at lunch one day. I respected his time and didn't approach him, it was just cool to see him there and be a part of it all!


I was called to be on set 3 separate days, each day getting a little closer to the camera.  The third day was the most fun as 5 other C.E.R.T.s and I were in the back of truck which drove past the manhole cover where they escaped.  And it just so happens that this footage was used in the series!  I can be seen in back of the truck directly behind the passenger seat in Episode 7. Click here to watch the trailer.


The photographer in me couldn't help but capture some of the moments on set. If you would like to see them, click the link below.  I would love to have captured more, but I was there for another purpose.



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