Freedom Fighter (music video) - Artist-Ruby Rose Fox - Ben Fillippo

Grandpaland (web film) - Molly - Bluewater East

Welcome to Grandpaville (web series) - Molly - Bluewater East

Sinners (short film) - Extra - Derek DuBois

Newport Manner (student film) - Child - Joseph Cato (RISD)

Dark Purple (short film) - Extra - Christopher D. Grace

Donald for Class President(short film) - Ivana - Kevin Anderton



Kaleidoscope Children’s Theatre Director – David Payton

Cinderella - Wendy Mouse - December 2011 - May 2016

Snow White - Sleepy -June 2013 - Present

Alice in Wonderland - Dormouse - June 2013

The Three Little Pigs - RalphPiggie - November 2015 - Present

Goldilocks - Goldilocks -  December 2016 - Present


Academy Players of Rhode Island Directors - Rita Maron/Chelsea Morgan

They Chose Me - Patty Lewis - November 2013

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown - Lila (Ensemble) - March 2014

Little Mermaid Jr.* - Sea Gull - May/June 2014

Addams Family** - Ancestor - October 2014

Seussical*** - Young Kangaroo - April 2015

Aladdin Jr. - Harem Girl - September 2015

Singin in the Rain Jr. - Chorus girl - April 2017

Lion King - Young Nala - September 2017


G Cole Productions Director - Gladys Cole

The Wizard of Oz Jr. - Tin Man - April 2016


Swamp Meadow Community Theater Director - Emily Carter

Seussical Jr. - Young Kangaroo - August 2016



Vocal training/Guitar, Hula Hoop

Basic Gymnastics, Martial Arts

Swimming, Soccer/Softball


* Winner of Motif Magazine Youth Production of the Year 2014

** Winner of Motif Magazine Overall Musical of the Year 2015

*** Winner of Motif Magazine Youth Production of the Year 2015



Ellie is a very talented little girl.  The audition went so well, it was all we could talked about. R. W. Martin read the part of Jeff and Ellie's mom Tina, read the part of Mary during the audition. Cold reads from a script can tend to be stiff and tough to get a true sense for what an actor can do, but Ellie nailed it.  I challenged her by describing a scene that would be more intense from an acting stand point. I needed to see if she could show me how frightened she could act.  At first, you could tell that Ellie was warming up to the scene and had to work it out in her head... and then it happened... I saw panic radiate from her eyes!  Well done Ellie!  Well done.




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